Hi, my name is Anna Ives, I guess I should give you some facts so you can learn more about me on here and see if you want to read what I write, or just come say hi if you would rather!

  1. I’m 35 years old and I live with my husband and 2 daughters, my eldest is 3 and my youngest is almost one. We live in a little village in Hertfordshire, England.
  1. We also have 2 cats, some fish and 3 chickens, standard village life really!
  1. I have my own business a HR consultancy called HR Puzzle, which I set up after I was made redundant when I was pregnant and couldn’t find a part time job after 10 years experience in HR!
  1. I try to help other parents/ businesses or anyone who would like it with all things flexible working, as I can share my own experiences personally and professionally. I also work for Pregnant then Screwed as a flexible working expert, and operate the flexible working helpline.
  1. I have a Degree and a Masters in HR and I am a Chartered member of the CIPD (HR speak)
  1. I used to drink way too much tea ( being pregnant messed with my t-taste buds!) now I drink too much coffee.
  1. I love reading, I often read 2 books at one go, usually one a business/ self- help one, and one girly love story. My husband is a published author of a book called Axiom – check it out
  1. I have a thing for designer handbags (although not so much these days with a pre-schooler and baby in tow)
  1. I am addicted to reality TV – please don’t judge me it’s my guilty pleasure.
  1. My lucky number is 8, so I am annoyed at writing the standard 10 things about me!